Work in Progress Wednesday: Catch Me Live on Facebook

It feels like the most terrible cliché to say that I’m having a busy week. There is so much going on in preparation for a summer of Weddings and events (you can click here to find out where I will be visiting!).

Working with my regular cohorts, Sarah Dunn of Sarah’s DooWop Dos and Jez Brown, I posed for a few photos in my fabulous kitchen last week. I cannot wait to share the pics with you!

I am also working on new content for my new YouTube Channel. If you click here, you can see what is already there and hit subscribe so you never miss anything. The next video will be me making these little cookies to match my new KitchenAid Mini.

And both the cookies and icing were made in the mixer!

I’ve been live on Facebook twice over the past week, baking cupcakes in real time for Vintage Life Magazine and flipping pancakes for Foodies Festival. I love these little live broadcasts as, with no option to edit and very little self-filter, this is me unleashed in the kitchen! It’s daft. It’s a bit anarchic. You can catch up on any of my broadcasts by clicking here and giving me a like on Facebook. 

So I wish you all the most wonderful Wednesday and promise plenty more silliness where this came from over the coming weeks and months.

Stay gorgeous!