Win a KitchenAid Mini at Foodies Festival Syon Park

I drafted this post yesterday, before the sad events that took place last night in Manchester. My initial thought was to delay or cancel this cheery post but I cannot do that; I cannot condone any change in behaviour, attitude, or routine in the face of acts of terrorism. My thoughts are with all affected – the bereaved, the injured, the scared – to whom I send all of my love. Those of us who are watching events from afar, let’s not react with fear.

I’ll confess, I am skiving off today. With a summer jam-packed full of weekend festivals, I am doing my best to maintain a little balance by switching on the out-of-office every once in a while. Today, I will be mostly playing tourist around Kensington Palace and its current exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story with my lovely Mum!

My lovely little pirate Mum with Nelson at The Trafalgar

I dare say that a few pics will find their way into my Instagram story so give me a follow by clicking here if you are not following me already.

The rest of my week will be spent in preparation for Foodies Festival Syon Park (London) which runs from Saturday 27th – Monday 29th May. You can pick up tickets via the link on my events page and I highly recommend that you do because… the sun is going to be there! Seriously, look at the weather forecast and it’s looking good.

If you do come along, bring a cake to the Cake & Desserts Theatre and enter the Foodies Cake Off. Cakes will be judged at 3pm each day with the daily champion announced at 4:30pm. An overall show winner will be announced in the end of the show show at 4:30pm on the last day of the show (Monday 29th May) and that person will be sent a lovely new KitchenAid Mini. It’s really easy; bring a cake, win a KitchenAid Mini.

Click on the KitchenAid Mini for full details

Here’s to a Bank Holiday weekend of sunshine, great food, and lots of fun.

Stay gorgeous!