Welcome Home!

It is with no small amount of pleasure that I welcome you to the new home of Restoration Cake.

In my continuing quest for world domination, I’ve gone .com!

So much has changed over the last few years that I felt I needed a whole new look and a brand new internet space to reflect this.


What’s new?

Well, being a Bespoke Cake Service, I felt that the concept of having a massive gallery of ‘cakes what I have made in the past’ was a terrible idea. My work is not my last cake; my work is my NEXT cake. Whether I am working on a Wedding Cake, a Birthday Cake, or a cake for a big Corporate Event, I am working with my client to design the perfect cake for them, not supplying something that I have done before.

So, if you click on any of those Bespoke Cake Service links, you’ll see how the consultation, design, and supply process works… with links through to Pinterest where you can see my previous bakes.

What else? 

I’ve been so fortunate over the last couple of years to have met loads of you at cake shows and food festivals. I’ve demonstrated for you and shared my tricks, tips, and recipes. Now, I have a whole new place to share my recipes with you – on a dedicated Recipe Page! I’ve already loaded some of my favourite recipes up there for you, at great personal sacrifice…

Banana Cake

… seriously, I realised that I was lacking in photographs of my cakes so have spent weeks baking, photographing, and then force-feeding cake to my friends! They are all expecting this kind of thing now! I’ve turned into the ultimate feeder!

I’m loving this. I freely hold my hands up and confess that I am not a food photographer or a food stylist but I do make a lovely bit of cake and my recipes do work. I hope that you will forgive any dodgy lighting or poor composition as I work my hardest to improve and provide you with these recipes. It’s all free to you so PLEASE SHARE… shout about the recipes that you love on social media, email them to your friends, print out and keep your favourites, this is all possible using the links on each recipe page.

This new website is beyond awesome.

And that is thanks to the incredible expertise of my dear friend Jason Kahl of Jason Kahl Design.

I met Jason in the pub, in beautiful Bedford, and his energy inspires me every day. We had talked about how I saw my new e-home working for months before we actually sat down with a notepad and without a pint. As soon as I saw Jason’s first concepts for my logo, I knew that we were onto something good.

Fun facts: the lips on my logo are, in fact, my lips AND my crown was inspired by one worn by Ru Paul!

Jason gets me and, having seen the work that he has done for my friends Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos, Jez Brown Photography, and 44 Harpur Street (website coming soon!), I have a feeling that Jason gets creatives so I cannot recommend him enough.

So, back to me…

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me in my new home. Firstly, it’s so much easier for me to blog here and to share with you. It’s easier for me to update my Events page so that you can find me around the country this year and come say hello. I’ll also be making more videos and sharing them on my Video page via my new YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to now.


Expect how-to videos, live broadcasts from out on the road, and style fluff!

All will kick off in earnest this autumn once I have MY NEW KITCHEN FITTED. Anyone who knows me will know of my frustration with my current home kitchen, which is a great space but terribly designed. I’ve taken steps and I’m sure that you will be able to follow this process as it happens.

Have a look around and make yourself at home

I’ve rambled on for quite long enough now so go and explore. Tell me what you think and what you would like to see more of. I’m totally open to suggestions and requests for recipes and anything that you would be keen to learn on the cake decorating and sugarcraft side of things.

Again, my begging request is that you share this site and use it. Enjoy it. Keep coming back!

Stay gorgeous.