Weekend Bakes: You Deserve Breakfast Muffins

I think you all deserve a round of applause this Thursday afternoon for the end of the working week is in sight and you are killing it!

Seriously, look at you, adulting it up after several glorious days of chocolate for breakfast and sitting in front of old movies on TV all day in your PJs.

*I’m sure it wasn’t just me.


Whilst I know that many of us are trying to curb the indulgence a little, I do think that we have earned a reward this weekend. We have nailed the first week back like a boss.

I have three recipes for Breakfast Muffins which will totally brighten up your weekend brunch with a sweet treat that is not too sickly. Each recipe is super easy to make – you mix your wet ingredients together and then stir them into your dry ingredients. That is it.

You can even mix your wet ingredients and mix your dry ingredients and set them aside overnight; this means that your morning tasks will be simply combining the two, dividing into muffin tins, and turning on the oven.

My favourite is the Blueberry Yoghurt Muffin. You can totally kid yourself that this is one of your 5-a-day and float around all morning on a virtuous little sugar high. You can substitute yoghurt for buttermilk if you like – which is super low fat and cheap as chips.


I also add for your consideration my Oat & Cinnamon Muffins, which require practically zero ingredients that you won’t have floating around in your kitchen cupboards already, and my Coffee & Avocado Maple Muffins which are as near to a health-food recipe as I have ever ventured!

Just click on the name of the recipe that you fancy to be taken to the full details. Treat yourself this weekend.

Stay gorgeous!