Weekend Bakes: The Next Best Thing

I mentioned yesterday that I will be at Foxy Belles Summer Shakedown on Sunday with my Salted Caramel Millionaire’s Shortbread. This feels very mean as I know that there will be many of you who cannot get to Bedford Esquires this weekend.


I hope that this recipe will be the next best thing.

You can rest assured that I will be sharing pictures of these naughty slabs of deliciousness across all of my social media this weekend so protect yourself against a rumbly tummy by whipping up your very own batch of Salted Caramel Millionaire’s Shortbread. All you need to do is click the words to be taken directly to the recipe in full. You can even print it, with or without the pictures, to take with you to the shops for ingredients!

This recipe is an exercise in patience and restraint – none of it is massively difficult but you do need to be aware that there is chilling time involved and that it is necessary. The shortbread layer will need to cool before you add the caramel, this then needs to cool before you pour the melted chocolate, and then this needs to cool before you can slice it up.

Salted Caramel Millionaire's Shortbread Slice

I won’t lie, it is maddening but SO worth it!

Top tip is to use a hot knife to cut the slabs up. A pint glass filled with hot kettle water should be used to clean and reheat the knife after each decisive cut. This should prevent the chocolate from cracking. It is best to cut while cold from the fridge to prevent the caramel squeezing out from beneath the pressure of your knife.

Salted Caramel Millionaire's Shortbread Slice2

Even ramshackle looking uneven wedges of this taste great! Click here for the recipe, with my love. I totally recommend this bake for your weekend – if you cannot get down to Bedford Esquires, where I will be waiting.

Stay gorgeous!