Weekend Bakes: Shaking Up A Retro Classic

Have you seen the latest issue of Vintage Life Magazine? Inside its glamorous pages, I am interviewed by my darling friend Kevin Geddes, author of the rather wonderful blog Keep Calm and Fanny On.

Kevin and I share a love of all things Fanny Cradock and, though I needed no excuse, I jumped at the chance to dress up as the formidable chef for the occasion!

FannyCradock1 (Jez Brown Photography)

Special thanks are due to Jez Brown for taking the pictures and to Sarah Dunn (Sarah’s Doo-Wop Dos) for making me look like this. You can read all about the shoot in the magazine, which is available now.

In honour of this vintage moment, I thought I would suggest a retro classic for you to bake up this weekend with a thoroughly modern twist; my Pineapple & Chilli Upside Down Cake.

Pineapple Chilli Cake

You’ll notice the twist, both in the name and in the little slices of fresh red chilli in place of the traditional glace cherry halves. If you love the combination of sweet and heat, this is the bake for you. Click on the picture above for the full recipe.

Be warned though… the intensity of the chilli heat develops over time. Whilst this cake is a fabulous cut-and-come-again which stays fresh for several days, the chillis will get hotter. It’s a wonderfully bizarre sensation.

Of course, the cake recipe will work perfectly well with cherries if you are not a fan of chilli. Feel free to make the traditional version or maybe pepper half of your cake with cherry and half with chilli!

The countdown to the weekend begins here, folks. Hang on in there.

Stay gorgeous!