Weekend Bakes: If Life Gives You Lemons…

Today, I am going to be in full-on Edinburgh prep mode for Foodies Festival this weekend.

I’m talking LOOONG bathtime, hair set in rollers, nails perfectly manicured (I do my own gel nails, I’m obsessive over them!), and early to bed with a Horlicks. I’ve got an early flight tomorrow and this ‘baking beauty’* needs her beauty sleep!

And a heck of a lot of make up! Seriously, I look like a Moomin without the warpaint.

Some of you may be looking to the skies and feeling a little like the summer has been and gone so I wanted to share a weekend bake that is sure to bring you a little sunshine.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

My Lemon Drizzle Cake recipe is something that I also obsessed over. I remembered having a recipe for a lemon cake that included a helping of lemon curd in the cake mixture – which I could not find for the life of me. So I combined that idea with what I see as the essential components of the perfect lemon cake – ground almonds and a drizzle of hot lemon sugar syrup over hot sponge cake.

This cake can be as glam as you want it to be, or naked but for a filling of lemony buttercream or just more lemon curd. If you want to dust it with icing sugar, do so at the last minute as this moist little cake will absorb that in minutes!

Lemon Drizzle Cake 2

Get your ingredients in tonight or tomorrow for this fabulous weekend bake. Get the good quality unwaxed organic lemons – you’ll taste the difference – and let me know how you get on.

Stay gorgeous!








*The Daily Star described me as such in an article and I am still amusing myself with that title! I’ve been called many things in my time and remember far more of the mean things that were said on the school bus than this… but this one is in print, and is therefore true.