Weekend Bakes: Giant Iced Biscuit Time

Were you a child in the 90s? If you were, chances are you have been presented with at least one Giant Iced Biscuit in your time!

This was just a silly thing that I did in what was probably only an hour of actual work – not including chilling, baking, and cooling – because I could. Having the new kitchen up and running is just heavenly and when I realised that I didn’t have a suitable picture to accompany my 100th blog post, I skipped down to my kitchen and baked one.

Then some of you gorgeous lot asked for the recipe and I thought that this might be a fun one for your Weekend Bake. Click here for the recipe in full or on any of the biccie pics!


So here are my top tips for baking your own Giant Iced Biscuit:

  • Bake low and slow; the heat needs time to work from the edges to the centre so whack the oven up too high and you will burn the edges.
  • Allow the biscuit to cool completely on the baking sheet before attempting to move it as it will be a little soft when hot.
  • The Classic Vanilla Buttercream is what makes this biccie taste just like one from the shopping centre – use good quality vanilla extract always.
  • When piping your message, don’t feel that you need to exhibit perfect calligraphy (without wishing to throw shade, just look at the shopping centre ones online and you’ll feel more confident) but if you DO want perfect text, I achieve this by printing out my text, tracing onto baking parchment, and poking it through onto my biccie with a cocktail stick. Follow the dots and BOOM!


If you try this recipe out, or any of the free recipes on the website, I hope that you will let me know how you got on and send me some nice pictures. You can find me all over social media so whether you like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you can find me there under @restorationcake

Stay gorgeous!