Weekend Bakes: Do as I Say AND as I Do

Today, I will be mostly putting the final decorative touches to tomorrow’s wedding cake. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen the process. Yesterday, I was filling the cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and covering it with white sugarpaste. Wedding cakes are a three-day process, which began the day before last with the bake.

So for your Weekend Bake, I wanted to share the recipe for my Red Velvet Cake, as this is the cake that I will be delivering tomorrow AND tucking into!

Red Velvet

Photo: Lisa-Jane Brown Photography

Yes, this cake is a cake for friends and I will be able to share with you the day as it happens on my Instagram story and maybe even via live video on my Facebook page (4G signal dependent!). It is very rare that I am present when the cake is cut so this is both a treat and something that I’ll be nervous about until it happens. It’s weird when you take the cake… people will make eye contact with you as they eat and make ‘yummy’ noises as they do so you know the cake tastes good! I know I’m not alone here – bakers out there, please tell me that this happens to you too!

I’ll try to get some nice pictures and share them with you here next week, but social media will keep you up to date tomorrow. The cake will be crowned with this black sugar roses. It’s going to be a stunner!


So, grab your ingredients tonight or tomorrow and have a go at this cake this weekend. This is the exact recipe that I have used for my friends’ cake and is so tasty. You may be put off when at first glance you realise that this is a vegan/dairy-free cake. Please do not be put off. The reason I use this as my go-to Red Velvet Cake recipe is that it is seriously good. Fill it with Cream Cheese Frosting if you are not vegan or with my Vegan Vanilla Buttercream if you are. It’s all good!

You can even just bake a quick batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes if you would prefer to simply dip a toe into this recipe.

Red Velvet Cupcakes USA

Let me know how you get on. I promise to let you know how mine goes down tomorrow.

Stay gorgeous!