Weekend Bakes: Chocolate Mud Cakegasm

Sometimes, all you need is Chocolate Mud Cake. Just click on the words any time you see them to be taken to the recipe… you’ll crack sooner than you think.

I am a guest at another Wedding today… two very dear friends are tying the knot this afternoon and those who follow me on Instagram may have seen my little flashes of cake preparation in my Instagram Story.


This is set to be a very glamorous affair so I am guaranteed to be working hard on looking the part all morning before loading my cake creation into the car and transporting it most carefully to the venue.

What put me in mind to share my Chocolate Mud Cake recipe with you for this weekend was the fact that I have not only baked this as one tier for today’s Wedding Cake BUT also made it gluten-free for the Bride’s Mother, who is unable to eat wheat.

As it happens, this recipe is stupidly easy to make gluten-free and actually takes it really well with no loss of texture or moistness.

Chocolate Cheesecake Frosting Slice

Because there is nothing worse than a dry Chocolate Mud Cake; gluten-free or not, I won’t stand for it.

So this is how you make the Chocolate Mud Cake gluten free – substitute ALL flour (plain and self-raising) in my recipe for Dove’s Farm Free From Gluten Self-Raising Flour and DO NOT add the Bicarbonate of Soda. I learnt that the hard way and had to scrub out my oven so that you don’t have to!

I am not paid by Dove’s Farm to share this, by the way. I wish I was! This is just the easiest Free From flour to get hold of and is available from most supermarkets. The reason that I use the self-raising version in my baking is that it already has Xanthan Gum added to it, which does something science-y and creates a much fluffier sponge.

BFG Slice2

So whether you are on a gluten free diet or not, I cannot recommend this recipe enough. Grab your ingredients tonight or tomorrow and fill your kitchen with the most heavenly scent this weekend. The cake will last up to two weeks in an airtight container – though this has never really been proven as it has never been left this long!

Stay gorgeous!