Weekend Bakes: Can I Borrow Your Kitchen?

It’s finally happening.

Today, we ‘break ground’ on my kitchen refit. This has been something I’ve dreamed of for many years.

This morning, beige tiles get smashed up and faux pine cupboards ripped from the walls. I’ll not lie, there have been a few occasions over the last 18 months where I have come dangerously close to starting this process myself!

Smash it up!

Smash it up!

Out of frustration of course. Now, this is all serious first-world-problem stuff but the little kitchen in my home has never been up to scratch for a working professional cake designer. It’s not even conducive to a happy amateur or aspiring foodie. There is no work surface space or storage space. The oven is tiny even by home-cooking standards. I thank my lucky stars that I am a vegetarian because you would never squeeze a roast in there!

To build my dream kitchen, there must come a certain amount of disarray, mess, upheaval, inconvenience, dust, dirt, and disorder, none of which I am great with.

An artist's impression of what is to come

An artist’s impression of what is to come

So I very much doubt that baking or cooking this weekend of for the next few days. Thankfully, we are blessed with a wide array of restaurants here in beautiful Bedford, from our authentic Italians (I know where to go to get food ‘like mama used to make’) to our incredible Indians on Tavistock Street. I doubt very much that we will starve.

Help yourself to any recipe that you fancy on my Recipe page and whip up something delicious for me to drool over this weekend.

From the rubble!

Keep in touch on social media as I share the progress in real time. I’m across all formats at @restorationcake

Stay gorgeous!