Wedding Cake Wednesday: Sexy Nautical

When Debbie and Tom got in touch to discuss their Wedding Cake, they said two words together which immediately sparked my interest; sexy nautical.

This was my kind of couple!

Getting married in Greenwich and with a love of all things nautical, both above and beneath the sea level, Debbie and Tom were keen to avoid all the cliches that this could entail. They didn’t want the blue and white stripes and anchors that perhaps many would lean towards – they were far too awesome for this.

The colour palette was peacock jewel tones of navy, purple, and teal, accessorised with metallic copper.


The design that we created together was built of textured metallic copper tiers, almost like coral in effect, separated by dark navy tiers. These dark navy tiers were decorated with white etched decals of sunken ships, waves, and critters. Because the couple are avid deep sea divers, representing this underwater world that they share together was a big part of their wedding celebrations.


I loved this dark take on a nautical theme. What I found particularly wonderful about this was the contrast between this nautical cake and the Swan-Upping Wedding Cake that I had created the week before. They were like the light side and the dark side together!


The crowning glory of the cake was the bespoke metal ship, created by the Groom’s sister for the couple. It was a bit tricky to attach but well worth the manipulation of a cheeky bit of black fondant icing! Check out my serious working face! I should try to smile more when I’m working!


This is the joy of offering a Bespoke Wedding Cake Service… cakes are as unique as the couples themselves and I am always kept well on my toes.

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Stay gorgeous!