Wedding Cake Wednesday: Oh How I Wish I Was Baking!

It’s starting to kick in. The lack of a functioning kitchen or oven is starting to get to me.

Palms sweat, stomach rumbles, all I can think about is home-cooked food. The microwave has been a champion but even last night’s relatively healthy salad option is not cutting it – I need to cook something from scratch. I find myself craving yorkshire puddings.

I cook them in proper fist-sized portions, the batter hissing and screaming the moment it hits molten vegetable fat (I’m a veggie) in pre-heated tin. I dream of watching them rise and placing them proudly on plate like wonky little crowns. Gravy, salt, pepper, face.

God, I’m hungry. Far from starving but yearning for the warmth and smell of home-cooking.

Chocolate Mud Cake too. The scent of heaven whilst baking and a taste of heaven whilst eating!

It’s a versatile choice for Wedding Cakes and my own obsession with eating made me want to share these pictures with you on Wedding Cake Wednesday. I make so many Chocolate Mud Cake tiers in Wedding Cakes – you would never know from the outside.

For example, this entire cake is Chocolate Mud Cake inside.


But every now and then, a couple of chocoholics come along who want a chocolate Wedding Cake that looks like chocolate cake.

I love doing these. Oh, how I wish I was baking one of these right now.


A chocolatey Wedding Cake is so perfectly acccessorised with fresh fruit, whether sugar-coated or simply as nature intended it – served with chocolate!

This next one was a cake that the couple wanted to not look too wedding-y. As they were going for glamour, romance, and a retro feel, I made them this enormous heart-shaped Chocolate Mud Cake, encased in dark chocolate cigarellos and covered with fresh raspberries and edible glitter.

Picture: We Heart Pictures

Picture: We Heart Pictures

And I think that is quite enough torture for one morning.

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Stay gorgeous!