Wedding Cake Wednesday: Just Like Grace Kelly

It’s Wednesday so I thought I would share the story of one of my Wedding Cakes with you. I like alliteration – as you may have noticed from my books Burlesque Baking and Deliciously Decorated – so the relative neatness of a Wedding Cake Wednesday appeals to me!

I’ll keep this particular post short and sweet as I have been melting at my desk this week…

I designed my Grace cake for a party hosted by Love My Dress Wedding blogger Annabel Beaforth. Because her blog covers very elegant weddings, I looked to the most elegant Bride that I could think of for inspiration – Grace Kelly.


The Grace cake was created using white edible Cake Lace over white icing. I love working with edible lace as it can be understated and elegant if used in this way or dramatic and sexy if used in contrasting dark colours – I love using black edible lace on white cakes as it has that wonderful hint of lingerie about it.

I should say that the resulting cakes are 100 times more classing than any other form of edible lingerie!

Accessorised with hand-piped and hand-painted pearls and large white wired sugar roses, the Grace cake was my nod to the classic and timeless style of Princess Grace of Monaco.

If you are getting married in 2017 and want to discuss a Bespoke Wedding Cake, designed with you and your inspirations in mind, check out the details of my service and get in touch via the Contact page. I do have limited availability for Autumn/Winter 2016.

Stay gorgeous!



My most sincere thanks to Ashton Jean-Pierre for this cake photograph, which I love and have shared so many times.