Wedding Cake Wednesday: A Big Gay Wedding Cake

I thought a little colour was needed on the blog today. I’ve been wrapped up in my own plotting and planning over the last few days – even my day off was partially spent thinking about 2017 – so I wanted to share some love and brightness today.


This is a cake that I have shared before but the pictures and the event itself make me so happy and proud that I do not feel remotely guilty about sharing them again!

Back in July 2014, I was approached by Mango Pie Events to bake a cake for The Human Dignity Trust, a legal charity who support those brave enough to challenge anti-gay laws around the world. The party in question was to celebrate the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the UK, an act of parliament providing for this in the Spring of 2014. This landmark legislation provides for same sex couples to marry and for that marriage to be deemed equal as opposite sex marriages in the eyes of the law. Clunky language, really progressive and really important stuff.


We have been bombarded with sadness, fear, and hatred in 2016. It’s been a tough year globally speaking. Where we can celebrate love in all its rainbow colours, I feel that we should today.


This cake was laced with vanilla, an important flavour in any rainbow cake. Of course they look awesome but they need to taste every bit as magical too. Professional quality food colourings create these intense shades without tainting the flavour of the sponge cake, but extra vanilla is so rarely a bad thing!


I’ll be spending a little time at my drawing desk today, sketching up a new Wedding Cake design for a fabulous engaged couple. 2017 weekends are booking up fast so, if you are planning your wedding, get in touch today to book your Bespoke Wedding Cake consultation. These are super fun and involve talking through your plans, talking about cake, you get to eat cake, and I retire to my drawing desk. You can read all about my service by clicking here or on any of the cake pictures in this post.

Stay gorgeous!