Wedding Cake Wednesday: 100% Vegan Rip Reveal Cake

I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures with you; taken by the incredible photographer Sassy of Assassynation, this is the cake that I made for Adam and Leanne’s Wedding a couple of weeks ago.

This isn’t a traditional Wedding Cake Wednesday post where I talk you through the design process from consultation to the finished cake because I have literally nothing to show you! Adam and Leanne are dear friends and they just said, we know that you know us and we trust you.

Cue abject terror! The responsibility!

All I had from them was that they loved the rip reveal designs of Julia Baker at Tier by Tier Custom Cake Design and they wanted the whole thing to be vegan. I warned them that my fondant modelling work could not compare to Julia’s and threatened them with my edible printer! Here is the finished article.

All photos by Assassynation
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The cake itself was tiers of Oreo Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, and Peanut Butter Cake (all 100% vegan) covered with edible lace and featuring a few things that mean an awful lot to the couple in the back section of the cake. Like I said, I’m not brilliant with modelling so I decided to move completely away from that and make a collage of pictures, like I used to on my school books.

Did anyone else do that? If you were fancy, you covered the whole thing in clear sticky plastic. If you weren’t, it was strips of cellotape!

Adam loves Superman and we both agree that Christopher Reeve was the best, so he went in. Leanne performs burlesque under the stage name of Rosy Apples, hence the apple. Adam is a close-up magician and was inspired by Paul Daniels, so he is there, along with some playing cards. Leanne is also in a Roller Derby team, so her team logo is there. Adam sings Rat Pack songs, so they are there. A photo of Sally Rand and her feather fans is another nod to Leanne’s burlesque. I love these two maniacs and, though I am sure I could have put many more things on there, I think I captured a little crumb of them in this design.

Stay gorgeous!