This Morning Live 2018

I had so much fun at This Morning Live at the NEC on Sunday that I needed a good couple of days off to recover! Phew. Now that I am human again, let’s recap on a wonderful whirlwind of a day in which I was welcomed once again into the This Morning family.

It’s no lie when people tell you how nice this bunch are! Thanks to Dr Zoe for sharing this picture which I shamelessly screenshot.

Rocking up to the NEC on the last day of a four-day show, I felt almost guilty for feeling as fresh as a daisy. I know how long the days are in an exhibition centre and I was struck by how energetic everyone was. Especially Ainsley Harriot, who I am pleased to report is EXACTLY how you think he is. What a lovely, funny, crazy chap he is. It was our first meeting and I felt like we’ve been friends forever. BFFs? Defo.

I love how patriotic this picture is. The bunting was still up from the Royal Wedding the day before. It was rather sweet.

Also hanging from the vast ceilings of the NEC was this little surprise.

Yes, that’s my face. Of course, I was far too cool to take a picture with it.

No, I am not cool. Not even remotely.

The day started with the traditional hello to the crowds from the main stage in which all of the This Morning family members introduce what they will be up to throughout the day and where we will be performing.

I was introduced by the lovely Ruth Langsford. It was nice to finally meet Ruth and thank her for her support of Alzheimer’s Society – she is currently the voice of Cupcake Day!

And of course, I was also introduced by the equally lovely Eamonn Holmes. He is never too busy for a chat and a cuddle! A true professional, I love watching him and Ruth present and host such a big show with such ease. Any aspiring presenter could learn an awful lot by watching this pair.

My part to play in the day’s events was to demonstrate cupcake baking and decorating on the Food & Drink Stage. I was a little apprehensive about this as I haven’t demoed cupcakes for several years but the crowds soon put my mind at ease – people still love to whip up these tiny little treats and my mermaid and unicorn themed ideas kept it fun.

Everyone loved the sprinkles that I was using from Sprinkletti and the mermaid tail mould that I got from The Cake Decorating Company. If you were there and you would like to get hold of any of the items I used, just ask me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

I had so much fun sharing all my cake decorating secrets across three sessions on the Food & Drink Stage. A personal highlight was being watched by a crowd of very eager young viewers who came to sit right in front of the stage to watch me making unicorn themed cupcakes. Some of the young audience waved unicorn-shaped wands and one even had a unicorn on her t-shirt! I guess you lot like unicorns!

Far from the best picture of me ever captured but the one that makes me the happiest from my time on stage.

There was plenty of shopping to be done at This Morning Live and I wasn’t going to miss out! I spent a lovely couple of hours browsing the amazing stalls and picking up a few little treats along the way. One stall I visited I really want to share with you… I visited the lovely people at SunSense sunscreens.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am fanatical about SPF and sun protection; I wear Factor 50 and a sun hat, staying in the shade on sunny days, and do everything I can to protect my pale skin from the sun. I am a natural blonde (beneath the peroxide!) and am covered in moles and freckles so sun damage could be potentially dangerous. This all being the case, I was nervous to be photographed under UV light to view the sun damage to my skin. Behold… the most flattering picture ever taken!

To explain the horror above, the SPF in my foundation is so good that it is actually blocking the UV light in the photobooth! That’s why my face looks like a dark, shiny potato. OK, so the potato thing has little to do with the photo.

The damage that can be seen is a small dark triangle beneath my clavicle; this is where I am ALWAYS caught out on nice days. I am sure I am not the only one who rocks that ‘robin red breast’ look when I catch the sun. The SPF in my facial products is just a part of my make-up routine but I often neglect my neck and chest on overcast days. I have resolved to extend my daily routine to sunscreen on this exposed area every day.

I found SunSense a while ago thanks to my Dad, who is prescribed the mega-bottles following transplant surgery. There was a bottle going spare so I nabbed it! It is the best Factor 50+ that I have ever used – as far removed from my usual Tip-ex white chalky wallpaper paste SPF as it could be. I am not paid to say this, it’s really good. You can check out the full range and buy it online by clicking here.

Shopping done and demos done, it was time to say goodbye. Mirroring our morning greeting, I joined the This Morning family to say goodbye to the crowds. Ainsley kept us all laughing backstage as we waited to go on. Red dresses are definitely having a moment!

My gorgeous dress was a scarlett red Lana Dress by Vivien of Holloway. I had so many kind compliments on it that I will share more pictures and a full write up of its gorgeousness in Fashion on Friday later this week.

So here’s to another successful This Morning Live and to seeing you all again in 2019.

Stay gorgeous!