Wedding Cake Wednesday: The UK’s First Klingon Wedding

Hello, you gorgeous lot!

This is another scheduled post klaxon as, at the time of publication, there is every chance that I will be covered in icing sugar working on this week’s Wedding Cakes… all three of them!

I’ve shared these pictures before but can never resist bringing them back out. I am so proud to have made the Wedding Cake for the UK’s first Klingon Wedding.

Photo: Martyn Wheatly

Photo: Martyn Wheatly

This three-tier Borg Cube Wedding Cake was created for a wedding, held at the very first Destination Star Trek event at London ExCel. The UK’s first Star Trek convention, hosting the UK’s first Klingon Wedding, and I was a part of it!


The bottom tier alone took seven hours of piping to add the detail to this mammoth cake. Plus, the three tiers of the full cake were dummies for display over the three-day event! So I HAD to make an extra tier to serve the Bride and Groom… and several very hungry photographers who ensured that the Red Velvet Cake did not go to waste.

Photo: Martyn Wheatly

Photo: Martyn Wheatly

I like to share these pictures every now and then to show you that anything is possible if you are planning a Wedding. Whatever it is that you are into, I can create a cake to tie in to your big day. If you are planning a 2017 Wedding, check out my Bespoke Wedding Cake Service by clicking the link or any of the cake pictures in this post!


Special thanks to Martyn Wheatly AKA Sinister Dexter of Sinister Pictures for these pictures and for helping with the ‘tidying away’ of the Red Velvet Cake.

Stay gorgeous!