Taste Bedford 2018

I’ve lived in beautiful Bedford for three years now and am very proud to call this wonderful town home.

It’s a vibrant multi-cultural, foodie place and could not be further from the impression my Londoner friends have of me sitting in the middle of a field chewing on a corn stalk. We have incredible restaurants, amazing bars, live music every night of the week, and brilliant festivals and events put on by some really creative souls.

*Of course, my London friends still don’t visit because the trains only work in one direction.

** OK, at the moment, that is probably true! Stupid trains.

When I was asked to host the Food Theatre at Taste Bedford, our very own food festival, I jumped at the chance to be involved.

Brought to you by the lovely people of BedPop and Charles Wells, Taste Bedford will be at Mill Meadows on the Embankment 11am-5pm Saturday 16th June and is free to attend. Plus, Bedford Borough Council gives the first two hours of parking free in any council owned car park in Bedford at weekends.

That free parking mention is for all the Londoners. Mmmmmmm free parking!

I’ll be playing host to some of our amazing local foodie talent from The Embankment Hotel, Paris House (Woburn), and GBBO’s Howard Middleton. Because I’m on my home turf, I am hoping to spend lots of the day hanging out in the audience and putting your questions to the chefs.

If you are based in or around beautiful Bedford, come along to Taste Bedford and say hello.

Stay gorgeous!