Wedding Cake Wednesday: Art Deco Old Hollywood Glamour

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I have such a treat for you today. It is with no small amount of pride that I share with you the Wedding Cake that I designed for Heather and Pete. Because this gorgeous couple have been my friends for at least four or five years now, they gave me a fairly free hand to design … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: Oh How I Wish I Was Baking!

It’s starting to kick in. The lack of a functioning kitchen or oven is starting to get to me. Palms sweat, stomach rumbles, all I can think about is home-cooked food. The microwave has been a champion but even last night’s relatively healthy salad option is not cutting it – I need to cook something from scratch. I find myself … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: Sugar Swans, a Boat on the Thames, and a Surprise

Hello, you gorgeous lot! Welcome to another Wedding Cake Wednesday. I am thrilled to have some fabulous cakes coming up for you over the coming weeks, in which I will show you the process from design to delivery on some of my favourite cakes. As regular readers will know, I’ve been a bit crazy busy over the last few weeks. … Read More

Four Weddings and a Food Festival

It was a crazy seven days… Long days comprised of early kitchen starts, on days where any sugarcrafting needed to be complete by lunchtime lest the sun move around to heat the kitchen to an unworkable temperature, working on four very beautiful and very different wedding cakes. Because I can, I will share the design process for each one with … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Katy Perry

Good morning, you gorgeous lot. Here I am, on the flip side of one of the busiest weeks of my career. I’m pretty tired but not complaining because it’s been amazing. I’ll tell you all on Wednesday… once I’ve recovered! I’m a happy, sunny soul unless hungry (evil) or tired (evil) or both (really evil). Being tired makes me a … Read More

Reasons to Follow Me on Instagram & Facebook…

As I work away in my kitchen, in a hive of activity that has not been seen since Snow White sorted out the dwarfs’ place, every once in a while I will pick up my phone for hard-earned procrastination. Snow White WISHES she had this luxury. So this is a quick blast from a busy kitchen to say head on … Read More

Weekend Bakes: Chocolate Mud Cakegasm

Sometimes, all you need is Chocolate Mud Cake. Just click on the words any time you see them to be taken to the recipe… you’ll crack sooner than you think. I am a guest at another Wedding today… two very dear friends are tying the knot this afternoon and those who follow me on Instagram may have seen my little … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: The UK’s First Klingon Wedding

Hello, you gorgeous lot! This is another scheduled post klaxon as, at the time of publication, there is every chance that I will be covered in icing sugar working on this week’s Wedding Cakes… all three of them! I’ve shared these pictures before but can never resist bringing them back out. I am so proud to have made the Wedding … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: My Latest Creation

This Wedding Cake Wednesday, whilst I am hard at work on this weekend’s wedding cake, I thought I would share with you the first pictures of the cake that I made last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this cake as it was for dear friends of mine. When Leanne and James’ invitation landed through my letterbox, a wave of … Read More

Weekend Bakes: Do as I Say AND as I Do

Today, I will be mostly putting the final decorative touches to tomorrow’s wedding cake. Those of you who follow me on Instagram will have seen the process. Yesterday, I was filling the cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and covering it with white sugarpaste. Wedding cakes are a three-day process, which began the day before last with the bake. So for … Read More