Happy Restoration Day!

29th May will always be a very special day for me; it is Restoration Day! If you’ve ever looked at my About page or spoken to me for more than five minutes, you will know that I am a huge history geek and have been an avid reader of anything relating to The Restoration period (1660-1685) for longer than I … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… King Charles II

Obviously. For those of you who are perhaps new to my crazy little world, I have something of an obsession with all things 1649 – 1685. Royalists such as myself date the reign of King Charles II from the death of his Father, disregarding as much as possible the Interregnum of Oliver Cromwell and his corrupt parliaments. Cromwell did not … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for Nell Gwyn

I knew exactly who it was, what it was, and when it was from but that didn’t stop me making the joke. “It’s not every day you pick up a signed photo of Nell Gwyn for £6.” Given that she died in 1687, I dare say a signed photograph of Nell Gwyn would set you back more than this and … Read More