I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Chris White

Today is a very special day; today is our seventh Wedding Anniversary. The years seem to be flying by at an alarming rate. Each year, I share this video of our Wedding, filmed and edited into a quick music video by the wonderful Mark Lenik. I maintain that we were right to blow the budget on this… it is a … Read More

A Love Song Cake for Valentine’s Day

I am beyond thrilled to share this cake with you! Featured in the current issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine, this very special Valentine’s Day cake is dedicated with love to Chris. Can you spot why? The three-tiered white Wedding Cake is emblazoned with the lyrics to Love Song by The Cure, in full. It was a labour of … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: A Big Gay Wedding Cake

I thought a little colour was needed on the blog today. I’ve been wrapped up in my own plotting and planning over the last few days – even my day off was partially spent thinking about 2017 – so I wanted to share some love and brightness today. This is a cake that I have shared before but the pictures … Read More