Weekend Bakes: Shaking Up A Retro Classic

Have you seen the latest issue of Vintage Life Magazine? Inside its glamorous pages, I am interviewed by my darling friend Kevin Geddes, author of the rather wonderful blog Keep Calm and Fanny On. Kevin and I share a love of all things Fanny Cradock and, though I needed no excuse, I jumped at the chance to dress up as … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Fanny Cradock

It’s Monday and smack back to reality after the weekend. Well, not quite! My Monday mornings are dedicated to avoiding reality at all costs with my little flight of fantasy bakes. Last week I baked a cake for Groucho Marx and the week before for Nigella Lawson. Who needs reality? Today, I would like to bake a cake for Fanny … Read More