Remembering David Bowie 2017

One year ago today, we lost an icon. Enough has been said about this and you know how I feel so I thought I would mark today with a little something¬†from Sunday 8th January. I spent the day, that would have been Bowie’s 70th birthday, with friends in the spirit of celebrating our hero. Suffering wildly from the evening before … Read More

Fashion on Friday: Santa, baby…

… I’ve been an angel all year! For this week’s Fashion on Friday, I thought I would amuse myself by day-dreaming about all the lovely things that I would love to find under my Christmas tree this weekend. #1 Russian Red Lipstick by MAC I live in this shade of lipstick. Aside from the fact that it is the only … Read More

Several Massive Thank Yous

On Friday 30th September, we gathered at 44 Harpur Street; The Business Parlour to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We ate cake, played records, and drank plenty of tea and prosecco! I think we can all agree that number 44 is a fantastic place to hang out to work or not work… All in all, we raised ¬£250, which … Read More

Bowie Cookies Make Me Happy

The day is finally here! I want to wish each and every one of you hosting or visiting a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support all the luck and love in the world. I hope that you eat far too much and raise loads of money for this incredible charity. Each Coffee Morning, there is a part of me … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Tony Visconti

And, dear reader, I did. I was lucky enough to be invited to the grand opening of The Visconti Studio at Kingston University last week and deliver a cake to a hero of mine. I’ve not made any attempt to conceal my love of David Bowie and his music from you. This love affair started at the age of 17 … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Caitlin Moran

Or ‘Cat-Mo’ as she has affectionately become known between my Mother and I, as if she were a J-Lo style mega ‘sleb’ rather than a proper, genuine, serious writer type from Wolverhampton. Needless to say, those familiar with the many writings of Caitlin Moran, will know that any seriousness is concealed within a heavy layer of piss-taking – which is … Read More