Wedding Cake Wednesday: Oh How I Wish I Was Baking!

It’s starting to kick in. The lack of a functioning kitchen or oven is starting to get to me. Palms sweat, stomach rumbles, all I can think about is home-cooked food. The microwave has been a champion but even last night’s relatively healthy salad option is not cutting it – I need to cook something from scratch. I find myself … Read More

Weekend Bakes: Reviving a Classic

It’s all go here at the moment. The car is being packed to groaning point with some of my favourite frocks, more shoes than I need, and more hats than I can conceivably wear in a weekend! Yes, I’m heading down to The Goodwood Revival. I’ll be back in the Kenwood Kitchen (on the High Street next to Tesco, for … Read More

Weekend Bakes: Chocolate Mud Cakegasm

Sometimes, all you need is Chocolate Mud Cake. Just click on the words any time you see them to be taken to the recipe… you’ll crack sooner than you think. I am a guest at another Wedding today… two very dear friends are tying the knot this afternoon and those who follow me on Instagram may have seen my little … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Jamie Laing

And I did! Yesterday, I was joined on stage at Foodies Festival by Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea and we made a cake together. We used Jamie’s own brand of gourmet sweeties, Candy Kittens to decorate an ENORMOUS chocolate cake… I had baked it extra large as I had a feeling that we would have a few audience members … Read More

I’m Joining Made in Chelsea…

… OK, that’s a lie. However, I am going to be baking with Jamie Laing, star of Made in Chelsea at Foodies Festival, Alexandra Palace, this weekend. For those of you who do not know, Jamie owns Candy Kittens, his own brand of gourmet sweeties and wants to make a fabulous cake using these. And who better to help in this … Read More

Weekend Plans? Come to Foodies Festival, Alexandra Palace!

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I’ll not lie to you, I have a busy week ahead and may be a little quieter than usual… I have a lovely wedding cake to make for the weekend and preparations to do for Foodies Festival at Alexandra Palace. If you are in or around North London, I would love to see you at … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Caitlin Moran

Or ‘Cat-Mo’ as she has affectionately become known between my Mother and I, as if she were a J-Lo style mega ‘sleb’ rather than a proper, genuine, serious writer type from Wolverhampton. Needless to say, those familiar with the many writings of Caitlin Moran, will know that any seriousness is concealed within a heavy layer of piss-taking – which is … Read More

Cat Bowl Cake Tutorial 

Last month, I achieved a personal ambition of being interviewed in Your Cat Magazine. My black and white moggy, Sid, may have been named after Sid Vicious but he is 100% Mummy’s Boy and my little prince. You can read my interview here… Yes, I am proud to be a crazy cat lady! You can only see it a little … Read More

2015: Oh, what a Year!

I wanted to write the obligatory ‘end of year report’ – even in the first week of the new year – for a couple of reasons; the first is to say a massive thank you to a whole load of you at once! Thank you to everyone who bought a copy of Deliciously Decorated last year. I put my heart … Read More

Let Them Tweet Cake: Day Two

I cannot tell you how overwhelming the public response to our #letthemtweetcake campaign was! When we asked you to send in pictures of your cakes, I never anticipated to see so many of you getting involved. Seriously, the pictures were coming in thick and fast and they were really REALLY good. Today, I fancy a slice of Chocolate Cake. Over … Read More