Foodies Festival 2018: Oxford

Last week, I shared the penultimate show in the Foodies Festival summer season with you after quite a delay. What can I say? Life gets in the way but I did not want to leave these last shows without their proper round up. To say that our final show of the summer in Oxford was special would be an understatement. … Read More

Wedding Cake Wednesday: 100% Vegan Rip Reveal Cake

I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures with you; taken by the incredible photographer Sassy of Assassynation, this is the cake that I made for Adam and Leanne’s Wedding a couple of weeks ago. This isn’t a traditional Wedding Cake Wednesday post where I talk you through the design process from consultation to the finished cake because I have literally nothing … Read More

Cake & Bake Show Manchester This Weekend

Good afternoon, you gorgeous lot! To say I’ve had a busy week would be something of an understatement. My kitchen has been a frantic little production line of everything that is sweet and festive. Yes, it’s full on Christmas in here. Tomorrow, I’ll be filming some of my favourite recipes with my friends at California Raisins and I look forward … Read More

Weekend Bakes: How’s the Healthy Eating Going?

I have been trying soooooo hard to be good since Christmas. I’m not dieting per se, so much as just not eating as much as I would like to… as much as I did over the festive season; everything. I ate everything, constantly. So I’m restoring the equilibrium and not mainlining chocolate for breakfast at the moment. The problem is … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Joe Bartley

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I hope that you have all had a fabulous weekend and are ready to attack this new week with gusto. My subject for this week’s Monday post is a little different to those that I have featured in the past – and I so hope that you are enjoying these little flights of fantasy baking … Read More

Weekend Bakes: I’ve Been Having a Mini Moment!

(Dress by The House of Foxy)  What a week! Yesterday, I was in my kitchen all day with my rather fabulous director, Emily, making our first video. There was probably far too much giggling to be proper serious grown-ups and we took a break to watch an episode of The Mighty Boosh. I think this is going to be the … Read More

Foodies Festival Christmas is Coming to Edinburgh!

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I had the best time at Foodies Festival Christmas in London at the weekend. I enlisted Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea as my glamorous assistant once again… We baked up a Candy Kitten cascade cake together. He is so hired! I also had the chance to chat to GBBO winner, Candice Brown as she baked. … Read More

Out of Office Autoreply

Scheduled post klaxon…. aaaaaawwwoooooooogggaaaahhhhh! Today, I will be on stage, baking up a storm at Foodies Festival Xmas in the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. I love this little buzzing, foodie area of London and you can be certain that I will be bringing home a huge bag of beigals from the good beigal shop. I will be far from quiet … Read More

Weekend Bakes: Baking with the Stars

Good morning, you gorgeous lot! I am going to be in full weekend prep mode today. Behind the velvet curtain on the life of a travelling showgirl chef involves a great deal of work – from weighing out all of my ingredients for a weekend of baking demonstrations, to setting my hair, giving myself a sparkly gel manicure, and choosing … Read More

I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Deliciously Stella

Bella Younger’s Instagram alter-ego, Deliciously Stella, is a girl after my own heart. Some days I am so tired and bored of the clean eating set and their avocado toast dominance over social media that I could scream. Darlings, your food is getting cold. Eat it; don’t tweet it. If you are not following Deliciously Stella on Instagram, here is … Read More