It’s Cake, Jim, But Not As We Know It!

This is definitely the biggest and most complex Wedding Cake that I have ever created. I am not at all scared of a challenge and when tested to put my principles of giving a couple EXACTLY what they want on their big day, I am there with piping bag at the ready!

Those who have been following the Twitter feed will know that I provided the Wedding Cake for the first ever Klingon Wedding Ceremony to be held at the Destination Star Trek London convention last night. Whether this is something for you or not, I am sure that you will agree, this is one heck of a Wedding Cake!


When I was approached by an events planner with this commission, I was asked to consider making a Borg Cube cake. The planner was excitedly telling me that these cakes have been taking America by storm.

Well, taking my cue from our American cousins across the pond, I decided to take the idea and make it bigger and better and generally supersize the whole concept.

When Chris and I were planning our own Wedding, we wanted to do something really different. We had decided to throw a gig and party all night rather than doing the whole sit down thing (which just wasn’t right for us). My Mum touched on something quite wise when she said that, so long as you can hit upon certain ‘Wedding touchpoints’ such as a couple of speeches, a toast, and the cutting of the cake, you can do whatever else you like but still feel like you are having a Wedding.

I applied this principle to the cake. Yes, it is a Borg Cube cake but three tiers of Borg Cube arranged into the form of a traditional three-tiered Wedding Cake.


It may be different but it screams WEDDING, which is what differentiates this celebration from any other party.


Now for the fun part… the middle tier was actually a real cake (replaced by a dummy version) and inside was my famous Red Velvet cake! It went pretty quickly once the hungry crowd saw it being handed out!


I am thrilled to have had a lovely mention in The Independent, who have written by far the best insight into the event that you will read, and for the cake to have shown up on many of the national newspapers’ websites today. I can honestly say that four days of solid work (that is by both Chris and I!) has been a huge success and I am thrilled that Josefin and Sonnie got the Klingon Wedding celebration that they had dreamt of.


The cake itself was made of panels of fondant icing, which were airbrushed and decorated with hand-piped ‘pipes’. The whole structure was assembled so that each cube appeared to be hovering over the other. The bottom tier took approximately seven hours to hand-pipe – which should give you some idea of the scale of this one! Back to Earth next week!

Live Long and Prosper, you gorgeous lot.