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the Cake & Desserts Theatre!

As host and curator of the Cake & Desserts Theatre at Foodies Festivals nationwide, I have worked as a brand ambassador to several brilliant brands, raising awareness through engagement in a unique setting.
Let's make your brand the next to join our family...

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A sneak peak on what happens on a typical day!

The Foodies Festival is a series of 3-day events, held at select locations around the UK. The summer season runs from May - September and each event can attract up to an average of 30k visitors per weekend. 

Sponsorship of the Cake & Desserts Theatre puts your product front and centre in live cookery demonstrations by Bake Off winners and a curated line-up of sweet baking/cooking talent. As an added benefit, our theatre positively encourages sampling so audiences will not only be hearing about the benefits of your products - they will be tasting them too! 

As an experienced host, I am able to personally ensure that your key messages are relayed and guarantee that your products are utilised to their best effect in at least one headline demonstration per show day... my own. 

Flexible rates, rights, and benefits packages are designed to meet your objectives and maximise ROI. 

Shows per year


Demonstrations per day


Average audience count

100 per session

Digital Audience

Foodies Festival Website: 692,289 sessions with over 1.4 million page views
(62% female, 60% aged 25-44 years)

Foodies Festival Newsletter Database: 157k

Facebook: 93.4k

Twitter: 35.8k

Instagram 25.5k

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All great partnerships start with a conversation. Email me and let's start discussing how working with me in the Cake & Desserts Theatre could benefit your brand. I'm always hungry for a new ingredient to work with and bring cake to meetings.

Email me at info@restorationcake.com

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