Sparkling Diamond Corset Cake

Every once in a while, I get a really interesting cake commission. This was one of them!

Anne got in touch to commission a cake for her Birthday party, themed around her favourite film, Moulin Rouge. I was asked to make a corset cake and I became anxious.

What are you thinking of when I say ‘corset cake’? Are you thinking of those banger-filled stag party affairs?

I wanted to avoid this as much as possible. My aim was to go Burlesque with this cake, as opposed to stag-down-the-Spearmint-Rhino… not a value judgement, mind; I wanted to make a cake that would look suitably glamorous in a room full of ladies, sipping cocktails.

I took Nicole Kidman’s ‘Pink Diamonds’ corset design as my inspiration for the cake, a clever concealment of the Chocolate Mud Cake that was inside.

Pink Diamonds Costume Concept

I shaped my cake and covered in a blush pink icing. This was then embellished with Cake Lace (using the Madame Butterfly mat) in white. The corset was studded with silver dragees and was starting to come to life.


The fringing at the bottom of the corset was created using Soft Gold Cake Lace feathers (using the Feathers mat). These feathers, when layered, make the most amazing texture.


The bust of the corset was studded with tiny gold dragees and edged with a scallop design mould. I mixed little elements of rose gold into the detailing of this to break up the gold.


How much fun was this? A lot. I am thrilled to report that the cake went down a treat at Anne’s Birthday, though a few guests did worry that it was too nice to cut. My darlings, never worry about this… they taste good enough to warrant a little destruction!

Stay gorgeous!