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Well, I  have a face for radio...

I am proud to be a part of the extended brigade of co-hosts on History Hack
(talking about 17th Century Britain, Classic Hollywood, and just about everything else!).
I also produce Fantasy Bakes
as an extension of my blog. 

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A daily history podcast trying to keep it light while the world crumbles

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The Life of Nell Gwyn

Charly is joined by author Sarah Beth-Watkins for a laughter-filled chat about the life of Nell Gwyn, the actress who won the heart of King Charles II and became (arguably) his favourite mistress. 

Anne Boleyn on Screen

Matt and Charly are joined by Hever Castle's own Dr Owen Emmerson to discuss the many portrayals of Anne Boleyn on film. Expect a certain amount of ranting about the dodgy ones!

Women vs Hollywood

Matt and Charly are joined by Helen O'Hara, editor of Empire Magazine and author of Women vs Hollywood to discuss the ways in which the industry has treated female creatives. 

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If I could bake a cake for anybody, living or dead, real or imaginary, who would I bake a cake for?

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The Joker

Dita Von Teese

The Cure

Would you like me to be a guest on your podcast?

I adore podcasting and will happily chat away about anything that interests me! I'm happy talking about 17th Century British History, Classic Hollywood, movies, pop culture, vintage fashion, cake... anything you'd like me to chat to you about. 

Email me at info@restorationcake.com

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