Pablo Picasso Was Never Called An A**hole

The latest installment of my historical cake series is in this month’s Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine. This time, I’ve travelled to Le Belle Epoque to hang out with a young aspiring artist called Pablo Picasso.

This buttercream covered cake was inspired by Picasso’s early work, Woman in Green, with a scratchy haphazard finish.

Woman in Green

The full step-by-step project, along with my fantastical musings about joining the artists in Monmartre, is in the April issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine which is on sale now.


This is a really simple cake to recreate at home – not all of my projects are elaborate tiered designs, requiring days of work. The Picasso cake is perfect for something whipped up in a frenzy to serve to friends alongside a glass or two of absinthe!


Next month’s cake will be back to the more formal approach! If you are enjoying my flights of fantasy and the techniques that I have been sharing, now would be a great time to click here and subscribe to Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft Magazine as this series has only just started and there are many more time-travelling designs on the horizon.

Oh, and for anyone confused by the title of this particular blog post, it’s a song reference. I dare say I’ll share the video on Facebook later today!

Stay gorgeous!