Out of Office Autoreply

Scheduled post klaxon…. aaaaaawwwoooooooogggaaaahhhhh!

Today, I will be on stage, baking up a storm at Foodies Festival Xmas in the Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. I love this little buzzing, foodie area of London and you can be certain that I will be bringing home a huge bag of beigals from the good beigal shop.

I will be far from quiet today while I am out of the office. Keep up to date with all the fun that we are having on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If my signal is good enough, I may even go live on Facebook and show you around the venue.

Plus, I will be hanging out with my darling glamorous assistant, Jamie Laing from Made in Chelsea. Expect a cheeky behind the scenes pic or two!

Benjamin Mole

Benjamin Mole

So if you fancy wasting a little time before the weekend, come and follow me on social media. I will distract you from your working day and get you through to beer o’clock with the minimum of fuss!

Stay gorgeous!