Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning Launch!

Last night, I hosted a special masterclass for a very special group of bloggers to launch Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2016 campaign.

I am so proud to count myself as an ambassador for Macmillan and all of the amazing work that they do. I know that I do not need to explain it, or familiarise you with it, as chances are you already know.

I hate that we know. I hate that we need to know. Sadly, we are still living with cancer and it’s frankly (sorry) shitty effects. The work that the Macmillan nurses and support team do is invaluable.

So back to last night, I gathered up a rather fabulous bunch of bloggers at The Cookhouse in Borough Market and did my very best to show them just how easy it is to both fake and make some delicious Coffee Morning treats with the help of M&S!

We made splodge cookies and glammed them up beautifully with sparkling edible glitter and dried fruit. We even used the M&S Thumb Print Cookie mix to make heart cookies (you only need to refrigerate your cookie dough, roll out and cut into heart shapes to achieve this at home) and we pimped some store-bought Victoria Sponge cakes.

I am so proud of how well everyone did and how enthusiastically all got into the spirit. If you are a confident baker, I am sure that you have already decided what you will be baking for your own Coffee Morning on 30th September but I hope that looking at some of these pictures will inspire you to perhaps have a little go at customising something baked from a kit or bought from a shop.

Special love to Immy, Natasha, and Sofie for making the evening truly fabulous!

Genuinely, whether you fake it or bake it, the main thing is that you get involved and raise loads of money. You can register for your very own Coffee Morning Kit by clicking the link below. It’s all free!

WBCM-logo Date (2)

If you happen to be based around beautiful Bedford, please come along to my Coffee Morning with a difference on Friday 30th September at 44 Harpur Street; The Business Parlour.

You can get the full details on my special Facebook event page but the lowdown is that, from 4pm until late, you are welcomed to drop in with a cake or something sweet to share (again, whether you’ve baked it or faked it!). We will hook you up with a cup of tea or coffee and will be playing vinyl on our record player. Why not bring a record with you too? I can think of few things nicer to share than cake and music.

And because we can go on a little later than the traditional coffee morning, if you would like to bring a bottle, you are so welcome to do so! We will have glasses at the ready.

The most important thing to bring with you is your money. I want to raise loads for Macmillan and will turn you upside down and shake you if necessary.

It’s going to be a blast. The party ends when the dancing stops…

Stay gorgeous!