I’ve Been Doing This for Ten Years Now

In a little departure from Fashion on Friday, I thought I should share this with you.

Chris reminded me this morning that it has been ten years since I made my first Wedding Cake.

On 14th April 2007, I delivered 150 cupcakes to Lyse and Ziggy’s wedding. These friends were getting hitched and I loved to bake so offered cupcakes as my gift to them. I took a day off work to bake them in our little flat kitchen and ‘liberated’ some lids from archiving boxes from work to transport them in!

The roses were ordered from a lady I found on eBay and I set myself a little challenge after the event – I wanted to learn how to make my own sugar roses. That was it. Classes were booked and I became addicted.

It was Lyse, Ziggy, and their family who first suggested that I make cakes for a living. I think I laughed at them.

Chris has also been assisting in setting up Wedding Cakes for 10 years!

Ten years on and I’m teaching the Cake Designers of tomorrow how to make their own sugar roses and the cycle continues!

If you love baking cakes and have ever even slightly considered taking it up a notch, learning a new skill, or maybe even going pro, it can be done. Each day comes with a new challenge and you will need, at times, to be tough as nails but it’s a wonderful job to have.

Throwback! 10 years ago today.

I am so grateful for all my experiences (good and bad) over the last decade. Here’s to the next ten years!

Congratulations Lyse and Ziggy!

Stay gorgeous!