I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… The Duke and Duchess of Sussex

It should come as little surprise that I love a Royal occasion and Saturday’s Royal Wedding was no exception. From the moment I woke up and started watching the rolling news coverage, I was hooked.

I squealed at the television when George and Amal Clooney arrived. Definitely a couple of contenders for the best dressed guests right there…


So convinced was I that the Obamas were going to turn up that I showered with my iPad. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the insanity of a grown woman, so engrossed in a live television event that the telly was propped up on the bath rack while she showered. I couldn’t bear the thought of missing such an important arrival.

As it happened, the Obamas were a no show but my iPad screen got a good cleaning.


The moment Meghan walked into the church, I was gone. I’m not to type to always cry at weddings but the coverage was so intimate that I felt as if I knew the couple personally, I was invested in them and in their happiness. As Meghan walked herself the length of the nave, I appreciated her strength and her independence.

I found it touching when Meghan was then met by Prince Charles to escort her through the choir. My policy has always been to avoid tabloid gossip where possible so I have no idea what has happened within the Markle family but I think it is a credit to the Royal family that they have taken Meghan and her Mother into their enormous number so warmly. Harry cannot help coming from a big family any more than Meghan can help coming from a smaller one.

There has been a lot in the comments this morning about Meghan’s Mother, Doria being left on her own in the ceremony but no mention made of Prince Charles taking her by both hands and warmly leading her in to sign the register with the rest of the family.


But then, ‘Prince Charles Jolly Nice Chap’ has never been a very popular headline.

I digress.

I would love to bake a cake for the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they set out on this wonderful adventure together. No marriage is without its challenges (again – I do my best to avoid the tabloids but can do little to avoid the naysayers I encounter amongst my own friends and family) and I think that the Royal Wedding gave us all an insight into how genuinely this couple love each other. They scarcely let go of each others hands throughout the entire ceremony. Cue more sobs from this big old romantic!


I think this pair have the potential to be a force for good in the world and in that endeavour, as well as all others, I wish them nothing but luck. I wish Harry and Meghan all the love in the world and every continued happiness as a married couple.

Stay gorgeous!