I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Oprah Winfrey

I mean, how could I not?

Eagerly opening my social media the morning after a Hollywood awards ceremony is, for me, akin to Christmas morning. I cannot wait to see who the winners were and what they wore.

Last night the Golden Globes wore black. Pretty much everyone in attendance, female and male, wore black to show solidarity with the victims of discrimination, harassment, and abuse by those in positions of power. The message was broadcast that #TIMESUP on a shameful era of sexual predatory and discriminatory behaviour by those in power and a shocking disparity in pay between female and male performers.

Oprah Winfrey received a standing ovation for this speech, given in acceptance of The Cecile B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award. Oprah is the first black woman to have won this award and her speech addressed timely issues of racial and sexual equality in Hollywood and globally.


I just want us all to listen to it today. I’m not going to paraphrase or sum it up for you; Oprah’s words are perfect, powerful, and inspiring.

I would love to bake a cake for Oprah Winfrey. Thanks for being the guiding voice that we all needed to hear at this moment in time.

And time’s up. Welcome to the new dawn.


Stay gorgeous!