I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Nigella Lawson

Monday mornings… we all need a little something to cheer us and I can think of nothing better than cake and frivolity.

As a Bespoke Cake Designer, I sometimes get to make cakes for some fabulous people. I only work with fabulous couples (because they are the only ones who want to work with me!) and occasionally, I get to make cakes for celebrities.

In this little Monday post, I am going to fantasise about the people I would love to bake a cake for. They may be people that I feel are deserving of a treat, people I admire, they may be real or fictional, dead or alive. I hope that you will take this flight of fantasty (that was a genuine Freudian typo, which I am not correcting!) in the spirit that it was intended, over your morning cuppa, to gently ease you into the working week.

First on my list is Nigella Lawson.


I was lucky enough to attend one of Nigella’s book talks, back in October 2012, and I wrote about what this meant to me at the time. I asked her for any advice that she would give to an aspiring food writer and her abridged reply was “write.”

This advice is something that I have gone on to play forward since the publication of my first two books and adapted to suit those who ask me about starting cake businesses – the advice I always give is “bake.”

So this cake for Nigella is not just because I admire her and look up to her like this…


… but because, when you make cakes, it is very rare that you are ever baked for. I mean, when you are THE Domestic Goddess, it’s a brave mortal that brings an offering! The only person who makes cakes for me is my fabulous Mother and I always get an amazing Birthday cake. I’d just like to swing by Nigella’s with a Pistachio & Raspberry Cake on a Monday morning. I know that she would appreciate the colour scheme and it would probably match her kitchen beautifully!

Pistachio & Raspberry Cake

So who would you make a cake for?

Stay gorgeous!