I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… My Best Friends

We’ve known each other since September 2001, a month in which the world really did change forever. Aside from global events which make this date ominous, I very nearly missed my first days at The University of Westminster due to being unable to fly home to the UK from Chicago on September 12th as scheduled.

We were all on the same degree course at the same university. We shared a love of film (and several hates of film too and argued over most of them most of the time) and plenty of cheap alcohol.

I’m not going to share many photos of this time, as (mercifully) there was no Facebook and most are safely tucked away in boxes in the attic AND as I will be killed separately by several individuals, but here are a few to introduce you all…


This is Andrea, Rachel, Kate, and Josh. These are my best friends. We don’t see each other all the time, we don’t speak every day, but after 15+ years we are family.


The girls and I lived together for our second and third years at university, after Rachel assured the others that, though weird, I was not dangerous and very tidy. Thus, the KRAC house was born.


Josh lived around the corner and liked the vibe of our place. We loved him and adopted him. KRAC became KRAJC (with a silent J).

The last time we got seriously poshed up was 6 years ago when we did this…


The girls were my Bridesmaids and Josh signed the register for all-time to certify that I had really got married. KRAJCC was now spelt with a double C.

On Saturday, Rachel, Kate and I walked in before Andrea as Bridesmaids on her wedding day. It was a beautiful day and a total honour. I’m not going to get too soppy on you as this bunch know how much I love them. So much so, in fact, that I would love to bake a cake for them all.

Dear reader, I did bake a cake for them all. Though they have been my guinea pigs for many years now, I whipped up a very special cake for Andrea and her husband, Dave.

The day was such fun. These are just a few phone pics but I promise to share gorgeous cake pics as soon as I have them. Doesn’t the Bride look stunning?

The cake was four tiers of blush pink and gold with sugar roses and a hand-piped motif to match the wedding stationery. Inside were tiers of Chocolate Mud Cake, Victoria Sponge, and Carrot Cake. The top tier was more Chocolate Mud for the Mother of the Bride to take home!

Because there wasn’t going to be any Chocolate Cake left once Andrea was through with it!

Having discharged serious Bridesmaid duties, we settled down for bubbles. Check out my amazing heels/flats co-ordination. I was promised Ceilidh dancing so brought appropriate footwear. My dress coped beautifully with swinging around the dancefloor all night. It’s the Bardot Dress by House of Foxy in dusty rose. If you have a wedding coming up, get this dress. I had so many compliments and it was a perfect Bridesmaid dress.

We love you Andrea and Dave! Have the best honeymoon ever and we will be waiting for drinkies and gossip when you get back. Welcome to the KRADJCC family, Dave.

Stay gorgeous!