I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Katy Perry

Good morning, you gorgeous lot. Here I am, on the flip side of one of the busiest weeks of my career. I’m pretty tired but not complaining because it’s been amazing.

I’ll tell you all on Wednesday… once I’ve recovered!

I’m a happy, sunny soul unless hungry (evil) or tired (evil) or both (really evil). Being tired makes me a little emotional and I’ve been working flat out. I’m essentially a giant toddler.

On occasions where I have felt like this and had to continue working, I have reached for a reliable emotional crutch to lean on. That crutch is Katy Perry: Part of Me.

If there is one thing that I respect and admire even more than natural talent, it’s a good work ethic.

Thousands of people have talent. I might as well congratulate you for having eyes in your head. The one and only thing that counts is: Do you have staying power?

Noel Coward

When Katy Perry started out, she couldn’t get a break because her record company just didn’t know what to do with her. Was she the next Britney Spears? The new Avril Lavene?

No. She was the first Katy Perry.


And how did this miracle non-transformation come about? Katy worked her ass off. She wrote songs, she gigged, she grafted. Katy was the second artist to have had five number one singles off one album (the first and only other name in this short list is Michael Jackson).

So I sat piping, painting, sugarcrafting with this beloved movie on my propped up iPad. I desperately wanted to reach into my screen and hug the sobbing star as she lay exhausted and in tears before heading straight into make-up so as not to disappoint fans waiting to meet her.

And don’t get me started on Russell Brand, because he ended their short marriage while she was out on this tour… via text (allegedly).


All art, all glamour, anything fabulous is generally the result of years of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears and I happen to find this inspiring. So as we march headlong into September and embrace the new academic year, remember that you can do or be anything that you want to be if you are prepared to put in the hours.

When it gets tough, as it will, I hope that you have the incredible support network that I have. I am very much supported through the crazy hours that I work by family and friends – thankfully, so many of them are also creatives and small business owners that they get it.


If I was ever to get together with Katy Perry and have the opportunity to feed her cake, what would I bake? It would have to be something bright and covered in candy – maybe an extra deep sponge cake, filled with layer upon layer of whipped cream and a cascading torrent of colourful sweeties falling onto the top of the cake and spilling out over the sides. As a self-confessed feeder, I’d like to make Katy any cake (or cakes) that she wanted and feed her and take care of her for a while – before getting super glam and hitting the town to dance all night.

I wish you all the most fabulous week ahead – especially if you are starting a new school year or course. Go and smash it. Baby, you’re a firework!

Stay gorgeous!