I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Katie of What Katie Did

(Picture: Richard Nicholson)

I wanted a lighter subject as we move into a new week. The past few weeks have been heavy and, though I am by no means suggesting that global and sexual politics are done and dusted, I think we could all do with something more pleasant to think about.




Dress by Voodoo Vixen Click picture for link

I’m giggling, are you? I love undies. It’s not just that they are pretty but that they work really hard for me to give me the retro figure that I want.

Now, I’m no size zero. In fact, there is still a slightly overweight and terribly unfit teenage girl inside me who blushes, shrinks, and wants to run away as soon as she’s paid a compliment for being slim. She’s not being modest, she thinks you’re taking the micky. She and I have a complicated relationship.

Because I grew up engrossed in a world of old movies and classic Hollywood beauty, I set myself a bit of a high standard to recreate. Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Lana Turner, all of them the picture of perfection from their immaculately set hair to their waspish waists. I bleached my hair and I hit the gym.

Slim as I got, I was still not achieving that hourglass look that I wanted in my retro frocks. Then I discovered What Katie Did.


Walking into their Notting Hill boutique was like falling into a chocolate box of satin, lace, and seamed stockings. I was helped into my very first corselette and the eureka moment hit me…

All of those women were corseted! At the very least, their curves tamed and accentuated by girdles, bullet bras, and waist-cinchers.

So, I would love to bake a cake for Katie and everyone at What Katie Did for helping me achieve the look that I have always wanted and for giving body confidence to women of all shapes and sizes.


Dress by LindyBop Click picture for link

Far from being medieval torture, a well fitting corset keeps all safely gathered in, gives a fabulous shape, and makes you sit up straight! Just don’t eat pasta wearing one. You will be fine for ten minutes and then you will spontaneously combust.

Also, don’t fly in a corselette. I’ve been stopped at security twice now for my metal suspenders, and only been one wise crack away from being taken into the little room. Never suggest to a security guard with a hand up your skirt that she may want to buy you flowers first. Learn from my mistakes.

Oh, and you can read all about my thoughts on retro fashion, underwear, baking, and feminism in The Daily Record today. Click here to view the article in full.

Stay gorgeous!