I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… J.K. Rowling

I don’t read nearly as much a I would like to. When I do make the time to sit down with a book it is most often a historical biography and the extreme guilt that I feel for doing something so indulgent as reading when I should be working is overwhelming!

This is the curse of the self-employed. Motivation has never been my problem.

However, I have found some joy in escaping the world around me and, though I may be 20 years late, I am finally reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Oh, I’ve watched all of the movies (I can have them on whilst I work) and I’ve visited the Harry Potter Studios, drinking Butterbeer until I felt sick, but I’ve never actually read the books.


I’ve been sorted… I’m a Slytherin. Apologies to anyone who thinks that makes me a bad person but I’m single-minded, hard working, downright evil (only to myself, you’re perfectly safe), fierce AF, and I want to hang out with Professor Snape.


The movies were pure class. The quality of the actors involved, including the wonderful Alan Rickman, was stellar. Rickman was reluctant to take on the role of Severus Snape until J.K. Rowling outlined the character’s story arch to the actor, revealing details of Snape’s back story that would not be revealed to the viewer until the eighth and final film in the series. Alan Rickman was able to play that role, loaded with all the angst and pain in his character’s back story. These are far from being just films for children.

I would love to bake a cake for J.K. Rowling to thank her for creating this wonderful wizarding world into which I can completely retreat and for the opportunity to hang out in HER world for a while. We often describe entrepreneurs as being ‘self made’; J.K. Rowling has not only self-made a literary empire, but created an entirely new way of looking at the world, and many new words which are in daily use (in my household at least… being a Muggle or a Dementor is about the worst thing you can be called!), as well as employing thousands in the UK movie industry.

Here’s to the power of ideas and imagination. Thanks for the escapism!


Alas, I have 164 cookies in the shape of knickers to bake BUT my treat when I am finished is a few chapters enjoyed in a house that smells of freshly baked cookies!

Wishing you all a truly magical week ahead.

Stay gorgeous!