I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Deliciously Stella

Bella Younger’s Instagram alter-ego, Deliciously Stella, is a girl after my own heart. Some days I am so tired and bored of the clean eating set and their avocado toast dominance over social media that I could scream.

Darlings, your food is getting cold. Eat it; don’t tweet it.

If you are not following Deliciously Stella on Instagram, here is just a tiny taste…



When I found out that Bella’s one-woman show was going to be at the Edinburgh Fringe while I was in town for the Foodies Festival, I jumped on the opportunity to catch the piss-taking live for myself in the manner of a crazed stalker.

Luckily for me, Bella’s restraining order did not come through in time.

Even the opening title had me in stitches…

What followed was Deliciously Stella’s own health and lifestyle seminar, in which we were told that science is just a theory (“like gravity,”) and that anyone can cure any ailment with diet.

I laughed so much. It’s all so familiar and so ridiculous.

With Bella, doing some post-show stalking


In all seriousness, I worry about the obsessive tendencies that the clean eating movement advo(cado)cates. Food can be neither clean nor dirty (unless you’ve dropped it on the floor) and I genuinely believe that our bodies know instinctively what they need. As Stella herself says, clean eating is a slice of pizza in the bath.

Any extremist behaviour needs to be laughed at, in the hope that it will turn and laugh at itself. If you would like a giggle, you can pre-order Bella’s book today…


If Deliciously Stella were to pop in, whilst walking her pedigree dog past pastel houses, I’d whip us up a Carrot Cake. Packed full of nourishing carrots and sultanas, it’s at least two of our #eatclean #blessed five-a-day. Life is short. Eat cake and smile.

Sugarpaste Carrots

Stay gorgeous!