I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Clare Quartermaine of The House of Foxy

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I jollied on up to Harrogate at the weekend to celebrate the opening of The House of Foxy’s very first retail outlet.

Hosted within the fabulously cluttered walls of Space Harrogate on the Ginnel – cluttered with every kind of vintage treasure – this corner of rails and mannequins represents a big step for Clare Quartermaine, the brains, heart, and soul behind The House of Foxy.

I have been lucky enough to amass quite a respectable collection of Foxy (I’ll abbreviate to save my fingers!) dresses over the years. They are the go-to pieces in my wardrobe that I reach for whenever I want to feel special. These are not the cheapest frocks so I don’t wear them to roll around in but, washing beautifully at 30 degrees *air punch*, I can wear them to bake in without ruining them.

This being said, pride of my collection is a pair of red Capri pants which I am well on track to wear to death. I travel in them, lounge around the house in them, I’m genuinely wearing them as I type with my feet up in the Sunday evening sunshine! Proof…

The attention to detail that Clare puts into her vintage inspired designs was what first drew me to her; I wanted to hear all about those little pintucks, darts, and ruched details that make a dress really special. Clare’s dresses always fit perfectly and always complement the figure – She has the power to make me feel really good about myself! The time that Clare puts into the research and development of each piece is staggering, from the cut and design to the fabrics carefully chosen and produced in Britain. Her wool suits for gentlemen are made in Britain from wools milled in Yorkshire!

Over the years, I have got to know Clare as a friend and fellow businesswoman. We share a work ethic and a passion for the work that we do that carries us through the harsher realities of small business ownership. It’s no picnic and only the fiercest women will walk this line.

I am beyond proud of Clare for taking on the challenge of opening this very first retail space for The House of Foxy. Of course, you can already buy online at www.thehouseoffoxy.com and I cannot recommend enough that you do – yes, international shipping is available too – but there is a pleasure in being able to try a frock on, to feel its fabric, to admire its detailing. If you can get along to the shop, do!

Tackling new challenges within your business (or in your career in general) is a brave and exciting thing and I cannot wait to see The House of Foxy grow still further!

I took a cake to mark the opening, which Clare cut LIVE on the Vintage Life Magazine Facebook page – you can watch my broadcast and tour of the shop by clicking here – a branded cake in black Cake Lace and edible pearls.

It was a Chocolate Mud Cake, made 100% gluten free so that Clare could actually eat it! I think it went down well…

Making this cake was a pleasure and a privilege to support a fellow kick-ass lady as she takes another step towards world domination. Always support your sisters and…

Stay gorgeous!