I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Caitlin Moran

Or ‘Cat-Mo’ as she has affectionately become known between my Mother and I, as if she were a J-Lo style mega ‘sleb’ rather than a proper, genuine, serious writer type from Wolverhampton.

Needless to say, those familiar with the many writings of Caitlin Moran, will know that any seriousness is concealed within a heavy layer of piss-taking – which is one reason that I love her and would like to feed her lots of cake to show this. I am a feeder. Those who know me know.

Caitlin’s book (yes, we are on first name terms in this fantasy of mine) How to be a Woman made me laugh out loud in a hospital reception area, and cry on a packed commuter train; both responses completely uncontrollable and inappropriate. These are perhaps two perfect words to describe the author. Please, if you have not read this book, it is worth seeking out if only to read about an evening spent with Lady Gaga in a German S&M club…


Baking for Caitlin Moran would go something like this (in my head); we sit down to a hearty slice of Chocolate Mud Cake, discussing the many interesting aspects of modern feminism and the works of David Bowie at which point we become melancholy, start to drink, and go out dancing somewhere with a DJ who can be pestered into playing lots of David Bowie. I end the evening regretting not wearing sensible shoes and potentially fall over.

Chocolate Mud Cake

There is another reason why I felt compelled to bake for Caitlin Moran this week. The execs at Channel 4, in their infinite wisdom, have cancelled the semi-autobiographical series Raised by Wolves, written by Caitlin and her sister, Caz. There is a Facebook campaign to get the third series commissioned, which you can join or simply investigate (if you are not familiar with the show) by clicking the mad picture below.

There are so many reasons why this show needs to remain on the telly – chief amongst these being that it makes me laugh and, frankly, after David Bowie / Brexit / death of Postman Pat and R2-D2 / non-funny rise of a Trump, I need a good laugh. How about you?

So, thank you Caitlin Moran, for making me laugh and cry and just getting it and ‘saying what we are all thinking’ in a non-Katie Hopkins evil internet troll kind of way. I owe you cake. And a drink.

Stay gorgeous!