I Would Love to Bake a Cake for… Bianca Del Rio


Feeling bereft after devouring the most recent season (9) of RuPaul’s Drag Race, I found myself revisiting old friends.

I basked in the comforting warmth of season 6 and reacquainted myself with Adore Delano, BenDeLaCreme, Courtney Act, and my all-time favourite queen, Bianca Del Rio.


Apologies if you did not know that Bianca was crowned the winner of season 6 – catch tf up, hunty.

Even if you did know and even if you already love Bianca as much as I do, here’s a cheesy little compilation which should explain everything and render this entire post obsolete. I would love to bake a cake for Bianca Del Rio because…

I wish that I could be as quick-witted as Bianca. Curse my writer’s mind! I need quiet time to read you, mulling over my choice of words, spinning in my chair and reciting each sentence out loud to the cat for optimum effect.

As an introvert who pretends to be an extrovert for a living, Drag is an art form that has always spoken to me; as Mama Ru herself says, ‘we’re all born naked, the rest is Drag.’ Every sartorial choice that you make every single day is a form of Drag; you choose how you wish to present yourself to the world from the way that you style (or don’t style) your hair, the clothes that you wear, the scent you spritz, everything right down to the shoes on your feet. Choices.


Aside from the obvious ‘look’ of Bianca being an artistic construction from wig to corset, the character herself is constructed to showcase the wit of the performer, Roy Haylock, who is described as being ‘secretly adorable.’ Despite being self-styled as an ‘insult comedian,’ Bianca Del Rio was the first contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race to have been shown helping out another contestant – and not just that one contestant that one time, but repeatedly pulling her competition up and helping them to succeed instead of throwing them under the bus.

I would love to bake a cake for Bianca Del Rio for being sharp, hilarious, and kind on the quiet… and for wearing the most gag-worthy gowns! Seriously? I need these frocks in my wardrobe and in my life.


There’s no use in denying it, you all know that I am a Drag Queen stuck in a woman’s body. Pretty much every dress that Bianca wore on the runway had me green with envy.

As we march headlong into another fabulous week, I will be keeping Bianca in my mind as a spirit animal of sorts, at all times asking myself ‘what would Bianca do?’ In this most fantastical of fantasy bakes, I would love to sit down with Bianca Del Rio, bringing the cake with me and letting her serve the tea. She would definitely bring the tea!

Apologies for anyone who does not watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. This post probably makes little to no sense at all. Believe me when I tell you that you are missing out though…

Stay gorgeous!