How to politely decline a wedding planning conversation

I am very proud to be a listed supplier and one of a select group of experts on, a fantastic online resource site for gay, lesbian, and transgender couples.

As part of my commitment to the directory, I write little articles of advice which are shared on my page along with my details for any couples looking for a Bespoke Wedding Cake.

This month, I have written a piece which I know will resonate with any couple planning a wedding, regardless of whether or not they are part of the LGBT community, so I wanted to share the link and title with you here…

How to politely decline a wedding planning conversation


The inspiration for this piece came from the numerous friends of mine who are currently planning their own weddings. From the second that they announce their engagement, I want to hear all about their plans. Will it be grand or intimate? Formal or informal? Dress, flowers, cake (obviously!), are you booking a band?

Whilst I feel very strongly that a couple should have what THEY want on THEIR day, I understand that very few people exist as islands and this little article is a small slice of advice for those planning about how to handle the helpful conversations that will be coming your way.

This is dedicated with love to Hettie & Pete, Leanne & James, Anneka & Will, Rosy & Adam.

Stay gorgeous!