Happy Restoration Day!

29th May will always be a very special day for me; it is Restoration Day! If you’ve ever looked at my About page or spoken to me for more than five minutes, you will know that I am a huge history geek and have been an avid reader of anything relating to The Restoration period (1660-1685) for longer than I care to admit.

On this day in 1660, King Charles II rode triumphantly through the streets of London to the Palace of Whitehall. This journey ended over a decade spent in exile as a King returned to claim his throne, on his 30th birthday.

The Victorians celebrated this day by pinning oak leaves to their lapels so if you see a mad woman molesting an oak tree in and around Bedford today, that’s me and I’m not dangerous.

Because I am very much still recovering from an amazing weekend at Foodies Syon Park and an incredible May in general – this travelling showgirl chef has visited Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, and London in four short weeks – I’m going to be taking today off to spend time in the diaries of Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, witnesses to the events of 29th May 1660. I’ll have my feet up!

I’ll leave you with a succinct illustration of why I adore King Charles II so much that I named my cake business for him.

Need I say any more?

Stay gorgeous!