Foodies Festival Oxford PICTURES

Well, that’s it! That’s a wrap on our summer season of Foodies Festivals.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made this the best season yet. All of us chefs have had an absolute blast and we cannot wait to come back and see you with a brand new set of recipes and techniques to share with you next summer… if you’ll have us back!

Oxford was a bittersweet show in which we said goodbye to the summer (quite literally, for anyone who noticed the difference between Saturday and Sunday… roughly 10 degrees centigrade if you ask me) and signed each other’s shirts like on the last day at school.

Keep an eye on my events page by clicking here as I promise to let you know when we plan to hit the road again. This travelling showgirl chef won’t stay away too long.

I love this picture for so many reasons but especially for the fact that Becky Cummings looks like she is just popping up from underneath Candice Brown and I!

Candice Brown puts me to work on her passionfruit curd… though it looks like Friday night down the karaoke. My summer dress is by Joanie Clothing – click here to pick one up now and put it up for sunny days! Psst… it’s £20 in the sale at the moment…

Tony Rodd is one of the most fantastic people I know. We genuinely have this much of a giggle every time we cook together.

The entirely fabulous Becky Cummings of Pin Up Pantry has truly made gluten-free baking a thing of true beauty. Why should you settle for a sad looking cake just because you can’t eat gluten? With Becky, you get something beautiful and delicious… just like the chef!

One thing I love about having Becky Cummings around is knowing that I have a buddy in the ‘fruit-themed earring wearing’ department!

We don’t wear aprons when our frocks are this fabulous!

At Foodies, we are passionate about bringing you new and local talent. Devon Kealy of Devon’s Delights is both of those things and kept the crowds very happy with her Mint Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies. One new chef to watch!

Baking Key Lime Pie, dressed as a Lemon Meringue Pie. Why not? This frock is from The Pretty Dress Company.

It never fails to surprise me just how far I can make on pie go!

John Holland from Baker on Board made cookies AND served up a bundt cake to the hungry crowds.

This picture tickles me! Mark Tilling looks like he has said something cheeky.

I was beyond proud to have Mark Tilling at Foodies. He is a true chocolate master and we all learnt so much from watching him.

Sunday was ‘bring your Husband, Chris, to work day’… I brought mine and John brought his! Love this pair.

The wonderful Emily Porter caught our last day on camera and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Grace Hall from All Scone Bakery showed us all that vegan baking can be really naughty and extremely delicious. Not a soaked lentil in sight!

You know that you can be friends when you wear your hair flowers on opposite sides!

You never know who will turn up in the Cake & Desserts Theatre! Our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman swung in to say hello.

The now infamous ‘end of the show show’ spread of bakes from our chefs was so big that Spiderman came back to join us! Devon Kealy shared her brownies and Mark Tilling got involved in slicing up cakes and pies for the crowd.

I thanked the crowds from the bottom of my heart. Look like I’m accepting an Academy Award. Drama queen.

Watch this space for more show dates coming very soon. I’m looking forward to a few quiet weekends ahead before hitting the road once more.

I’m not slowing down just yet… I’ll be heading to The Goodwood Revival tomorrow for a weekend in The Kenwood Kitchen. Vintage lovers, make sure that you drop in to see me for a slice of something sweet!

Special thanks to Dipti Tait and Tony Rodd for the pictures that I have shamelessly stolen from your social media and to my official photographer, Chris, for the snaps.

Stay gorgeous!