Foodies Festival Ally Pally PICTURES 

How on earth is it nearly the end of the Foodies Festival summer season? I cannot quite believe that our final show of the summer is this weekend and starts tomorrow!

This means that you have one final chance to visit a Foodies Festival this summer – we will be in Oxford on South Parks from Friday 1st September until Sunday 3rd September. I will be joined by a whole host of incredible chefs, from Grace Hall of All Scone Bakery and her Vegan Treats, to Mark Tilling the master of chocolate and winner of GBBO Creme de la Creme in 2016. From Candice Brown, winner of GBBO 2016, to Masterchef Finalists Tony Rodd and Lorna Robertson, to up and coming new talents Becky Cummings of Pin Up Pantry and John Holland of Baker on Board. We have local talent in the shape of Devon Kealy from Devon’s Delights and an End of the Show Show extravaganza that promises to wrap the show in style.

You could even win a KitchenAid Mini if you bring up a cake and enter our Cake Off competition. Click here for the details.

All of the details that you need for our Oxford show are available on the Foodies website, which you can visit by clicking here.

As I prepare for my final show, and get my ingredients all packed up, here are the photos from last weekend at Alexandra Palace. The sun shone every day and we had the best time, feeding the hungry crowds and putting on our gastro-show. Thank you to everyone who came along.

It’s all glamour backstage as Grace Hall enjoys a cheeky cuppa before the show begins. Check out that official Foodies tin mug!

Prep kitchen selfie with the amazing Grace Hall… who got the fruit dress memo. Seriously, how did we both end up dressed as fruits?

Prep kitchen selfie with the wonderful Suzy Pelta. Not dressed as a fruit but definitely fruity!

John Holland is a true artist – each one of those California Raisins is placed meticulously in formation to complete his stunning cake

Our kitchen friend and unofficial official photographer, Helen! Click the photo to check out her gorgeous foodie blog, Leewood Roots.

Watching Grace whip up a vegan traybake brownie with loads of secretly vegan ingredients – did you know Oreos are vegan?

Showing off the stunning illustrations in Grace Hall’s book, The Little Book of Scones (click here for details)

66 eggs for £2.50? Grace Hall has us all considering a vegan diet even only for economical reasons!

We look like we are plotting something… something delicious!

Needless to say the traybake went down an absolute storm!

It’s hard to look glamorous next to a bin but I think Grace Hall and I pull it off. ..

Prep kitchen silliness with Helen, John, and Suzy.

Bashing my biscuits! This dress is by Voodoo Vixen (click here if you would like more details).

Suzy Pelta’s Miracle Mug cakes are so much fun to bake that we often forget that we are on stage and just have a giggle!

I do rather love this cheaty, trashy baker! Suzy Pelta is making baking so easy and accessible that I think loads of people will become hooked on baking through her easy introductions.

John Holland and I have the moves!

John Holland and I try to remain stylish and composed in the heat. I look like George from Rainbow!

The crowds wait patiently for a slice of John Holland’s stunning Coffee, Cinnamon, and California Raisin Cake.

Prep kitchen selfie with the dapper John Holland.

Got home on Sunday and realised how cute my hair looked that day! Also, if you are loving my lemon earrings from Bow & Crossbones, you can click here to check them out (along with loads of other amazing styles).

When you take silly selfies on my phone, they are getting shared! Let that be a lesson to you, little brother and mother! Love these two maniacs.

An adorable Foodies family photo, pinched from Suzy Pelta’s Facebook page. Tony Rodd, Becky Cummings (and Butch the dog!), Emma Spitzer, and Suzy Pelta (crouching tiger, hidden baker).

Prep kitchen selfie with Lorna Robertson, Masterchef Finalist 2017. Love this girl! Her demos are such fun!

Prep kitchen selfie with my darling friend, Becky Cummings of Pin Up Pantry. Her gluten free bakes are seriously glamorous and taste amazing.

OK, so this is definitely Becky Cummings and I dancing to Jealous of My Boogie by RuPaul. We are so cool.

Serious cake decorating time. This gluten free Victoria Sponge is incredible.

Two chefs, both wearing Collectif dresses and earrings from Bow & Crossbone. Never let it be said that my chefs do not make an effort! Becky Cummings rocks Pin Up Pantry style. Click here to visit Collectif’s online shop and steal our style!

I honestly couldn’t tell you what caused this reaction but Tony Rodd is always so much fun on stage.

Tony Rodd tries to serve sorbet on a 30degree summer day! Sad sorbet face.

I do love having Tony Rodd in the kitchen. The laughter is infectious and his dishes are always incredible.

Thank you to everyone who has come along for a slice of Key Lime Pie

Those pillowy peaks of Italian Meringue have been a bit part of my summer!

It’s been a laugh

It’s been a real laugh! This was the moment that Rob (our amazing tech) piped the Greg Wallace ‘buttery biscuit base’ mash-up music into the end of my demo!

And I lost it!

It really has been a blast and I’m going to save getting over-emotional until after Oxford! If you can get there to join us for our final show of the season, do! You will not be disappointed.

Special thanks to both Helen Cripps and Ellie Gamble (AKA Mum) for all of these photos.

Stay gorgeous!