Foodies Festival 2018 Brighton

The sun shone gloriously upon our first Foodies Festival outing of 2018 on Brighton’s Hove Lawns. The Bank Holiday weekend may feel like a long time ago now but with show two hot on its heels, I’ve only just now had the time to go through all of the amazing photographs we took.

Before I share them all with you and tell you about our incredible weekend, be sure to visit my Events page (by clicking here) to book your tickets for a Foodies Festival near you! Trust me, you will love it!

Julia Chernogrova kicked off 2018 in GBBO style. The poppy seed mousse cake went down very well with the hungry crowd.

OK, so I definitely fell a little bit in love with Julia. She is every bit as sweet as you think she is and totally hilarious to hang out with.

Check out Julia’s fab new YouTube channel Russian Around the Kitchen by clicking here and be sure to subscribe.


We were #winning with GBBO Winner Sophie Faldo, a real life action woman and all-round awesome lady.

Sophie’s demo was hugely popular and her strawberry tarts were delicious. There was not a single crumb left once the crowd had got to them!

My sista from another mista Becky Cummings from Pin Up Pantry brought some serious gluten-free glamour to the theatre. Her Chocolate & Cherry Crackle Cookies were incredible. Click the photo to follow Becky’s blog and I’m sure she will share this must-bake recipe soon.

Whenever Becky and I get together – whether on stage or not – all bets are off. It always gets silly. You have been warned.

My chefs are the best. I adore Becky Cummings’ recipes and her style.

Prep kitchen ladies!

It wasn’t all about the ladies on Saturday, we drafted in the wonderful Seb Cole from Boho Gelato who melted our audience’s hearts with his perfect vegan ice-cream and granita.

If you live in Brighton, you are so lucky to have Boho Gelato on your doorstep. Try the Mojito Granita… you will thank me.

We wrapped day one with a special appearance from killer magician Jasz Vegas.

Jasz Vegas wowed the crowd with her magic tricks as I baked her a batch of Rum & Raisin Brownies (click here for that recipe). We chatted and giggled and brought something a bit different to the world of live cookery demonstrations. Head on over to my Facebook page to see a video of us together and watch as I am dumbfounded by sorcery!

Day two began in classic American style with Lisa Gair of The Yummy Yank serving up her Legendary Chocolate Cake. This was soooo good with a cheesecake layer, sandwiched between two layers of rich chocolate cake.

Kane McDowell from local artisan bakery Sugardough Hove showed us how to make Creme Brulee Tarts and they were delicious.

Watching great chefs at work is my favourite part of my job.

Grace Hall from All Scone Bakery made the most filthy stack of vegan pancakes with chocolatey avocado buttercream.

Not only did Grace totally get the leopard print memo but she bossed me in the high heels height stakes. Funnily enough, Becky Cummings wore higher heels than me the previous day and I still have heel envy. In my defense, I am on my feet all day… excuses excuses.

Day two ended in about the most rock’n’roll way it possibly could have… I was joined on stage by Scott Elvis as the King of Rock’n’Roll. It was an all-singing, all-dancing (thanks to the talented Bootsy Bonafonte) cake demonstration.

It’s hard for me to explain to you just how amazing the Cake & Cabaret Elvis special was so you will just have to head over to my Facebook page (sorry to push you over there again but click here!) to see for yourself.

We did not film the whole thing. It lives on only in our hearts and the memories of the audience. You had to be there.

Thank you Scott Elvis for bringing so many laughs to the theatre. This is Scott with Chris… in front of a sign that also made me laugh.

Day two also ended with a rock’n’roll treat in the shape of Captain Sensible, who came along to enjoy the festival. Being a fan of The Damned (if you don’t know who or what I am talking about, Google, then Spotify, then thank me) it was a dream come true to meet one of the true punk pioneers.

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Day three began with glorious sunshine. It ended with it too. Chris, Grace and I breakfasted on veggie sausage sandwiches and wandered around the stalls.

Day three started off with more amazing women who bake – Lisa Gair and Grace Hall.

More #winning in The Cake & Desserts Theatre, this time with Mark Tilling, winner of GBBO Creme de la Creme series one.

Mark Tilling’s Gin & Tonic Loaf Cake was a hit with the crowd.

Joined by John Holland of Baker on Board and Kane McDowell, I was the only one in the prep kitchen without a beard for a few hours!

John Holland made the most delicious Chocolate Cake, laden with California Raisins and Food Thoughts Cacao Nibs with a cookie dough centre.

Kane’s partner Julie brought their dog Matilda to say hello. One day I will learn that selfies with dogs always look like this. I do like pupper kisses though.

As we brought show one to a close, I was treated to another brush with rock’n’roll royalty in the shape of Steve Norman from Spandau Ballet. Those who know me know how much I adore the Spands and Chris very helpfully told Steve that Martin Kemp is my ‘free pass’. It’s entirely true but no less embarrassing! Steve was so much fun to chat to and said that I looked like I’d stepped out of The Blitz – as in the London club that was the heart of the New Romantic movement. I’m still not over that. I wish I was that cool. I’m not cool.

With Steve Norman, pretending to be cool.

That’s my round up of Brighton done. There is so much that I haven’t told you, I’m sure. Like any good party, bits of the weekend are a blur and there are bits that won’t make the slightest sense unless you were there – like the bizarro Tapas place we ate at on Sunday night when Brighton ran out of food at 10pm and we still hadn’t eaten.

I’ll share pictures and gossip from show two in Bristol as soon as I have recovered from that one. Join us for show three in London’s Syon Park 26th – 28th May and see all of this craziness for yourself. We have a blast and feed you in the process. I can’t say fairer than that!

Stay gorgeous!